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For more information including dates, fees, registration or any other details regarding the DEHA activities described below, email 100% of all donations and fees go directly to DEHA programs which are all facilitated by volunteers. Sliding scale fees and scholarships may be possible upon request.

Pancakes and Ponies                                                                                Half Day Course

Join us for a fun family event stacked full of pancakes, ponies and learning opportunities. This is a great event for beginners of all ages and the perfect opportunity for parents to participate with children. The pancakes alone are enough of a reason to come! Education stations are supported by experienced volunteer equestrians teaching safety, helmet fitting, grooming, tack, mounting/dismounting, feeding and of course riding. 

Intro to Endurance                                                                                      2 Day Course

Experience your first competitive endurance ride the safe way, before you ride in one. People don't sign up for marathons without training and the same should be true of endurance. This course is for hands on education, providing exclusive access and mentorship from experienced endurance riders and organizers. You will learn horse pulse & respiratory, gate keeping, handling ambulance/emergencies, recognizing a horse or rider lost or in trouble, camping with your horse in a competitive environment and exclusive access to the awards dinner for riders.

The History of Horsepower                                                                            Half Day Course

Join us for a look back in time at the role horses have played with the development of our local communities. At one time, horses were the primary form of transportation, they plowed our fields to support farming, the Pony Express carried our mail and they've been the focal point for many social activities like horse shows, horseracing and more. Together we will learn about our local history and how horses helped us, then and now.

Happy Trails - Preserving Trails and Open Spaces                                    2 Days, 1 Night Camp Out

Learn how to care for open spaces and our shared public lands. This is a hands on course teaching you how to create and maintain trails for humans or horses, how to camp out with or w/out a horse while protecting the land. You will also learn how to identify a good camp location, ensuring the safety, shelter from the elements, learning basic pruning techniques for trails, composting, and protecting our water sources.

This course supports the 7 principles of REI's PEAK program (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) and Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics and incorporates horsemanship. You don't have to own a horse or bring your horse to participate. Families and individuals welcome.

Safety First- How to Keep Yourself and Your Horse Safe!                              1 Day Course

Understanding horses are flight animals - what scares them and how they respond

Approaching and leading a horse safely.

Helmets - every time, every ride.

Riding safely- avoiding risks, being aware of queues from your horse, calming a scared horse.

Tack, equipment and knot tying.

Protecting your horse- in the barn, pasture or while camping.

Trailering - keeping your horse safe while traveling.

From Blacksmith to iHorse - Caring for Horses, Then and Now                      1 Day Course

This course teaches you how to care for a horse day to day and provides a historical look at how horse care has evolved over the years. From traditional Blacksmith techniques to the modern day aquatic exercise systems, we will look at what has and has not changed over the years and why. Nutrition, treating common illnesses, enclosure maintenance, hoof care, exercise, extreme weather, grooming, preventing disease, and therapeutic techniques will all be explored.

Guest presenters may include a human and equine chiropractor and a farrier.

Turkey Ride - Novice Trail Ride & Turkey Dinner DEHA/CMDTRA/SRVHA           1 Day Course

Join us in support of a local equestrian non-profit organizations. The spirit of this event is for multiple associations to come together for a social event to build relationships and promote equestrian activities.

DEHA will be providing experienced riding buddies for novice trail riders who may be riding in their first event. This is a pleasure ride and a great way to introduce yourself and your horse to the experience of being at an event with many riders, in a non-competitive environment.

Equine Business Management - So You Wanna Be In the Horse Business                       1 Day Course

Boarding, training, giving lessons, cleaning stalls, ordering hay & shavings, advertising - it's all part of daily operations at any stable. This course is for young adults who may wondering what it takes to manage a stable. Many equestrian centers offer riding lessons and summer camps, but where do you go to learn about how make a living in the horse business? This course will provide you a good overview of career options. We also will give you a strong understanding of what skills are required and what a day in the life of a stable manager is like and how to go about getting experience as a volunteer or intern to get started.

From Trash to Treasure- Tack Cleaning Course & Sale                       Half Day Course

This is a multi purpose activity - first we collect donations of tack to auction off at our annual fundraising event. Then we use the tack donated, and some loaned for instruction to teach you all about tack used in various equestrian activities. Finally, we auction off the spiffed up tack as a fundraiser.

Please help support this DEHA fundraiser by donating any of the following:

  • New Tack, blankets, grooming and anything else horse related.

  • Old tack, spare parts are also welcome.

  • Vintage tack and farm equipment for display or sale.

  • Display only "not for sale" tack used for educational purposes only.

DEHA's Wine & Cheese Annual Fundraiser Date - to be announced


               Hors d'oeurves

                        Silent Auction 

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