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DEHA 2023 Gymkhana Buckle Series

We're proud to present this series for the first time!

Go for the Buckle!

Register here for the DEHA 2023 Gymkhana Buckle Series! High-Point Champion Buckles will be awarded in Six Age Divisions. This Buckle Series features two gymkhana shows. Each show has 6 events. 

Both shows are CSHA Approved Region 5 Gymkhana Point Shows (shows 5 & 9 of the 11 total). Participants competing in this buckle series are required to compete in all 6 events at each of these two shows.

$20 Registration Fee per Horse & Rider Combination

Registration for the Gymhana Buckle Series

Gymkhana Shows in the  Series

Show #1

June 3rd, 2023

Wildhorse Equestrian Center



Show #2

August 5th, 2023

Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline Park Arena



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